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Our Amazon Expedition

Posted by Do Your Park on February 14, 2017.

Captain’s Log Day 49:

Our expedition into the depths of the Amazonian rainforest has brought catastrophe. Late yesterday evening, the keel of our vessel struck a hallowed out canoe carelessly double parked alongside the river’s banks. We took on water and within minutes the ship had gone under. Our crew swam to shore, but sadly, Dave from HR was claimed by the river.
Dave drowns, oh well...

He was always a bit of a downer, and butterfingered our last pack of smokes overboard - so all in all, not a huge loss.

As we ventured into the jungle, looking for shelter, the familiar sounds of packing tape and folding cardboard echoed through the thick trees. The natives, we would later learn, have a cultural disposition to packing and shipping goods.

Natives are strangely...
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