Do Your Park Magnets - a shameful improvement on bad parking notes

Bad Parking Magnets

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Bad Parking Magnets
Each pack contains 10 delightfully-distasteful magnets, each with a different phrase and matching illustration.

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Bad parking notes for the modern world

These are scary times, and something as simple as a sloppy parking job can cause the whole f**king system could come crashing down at any moment. That's why we've developed Do Your Park magnets, to be used as an expression of disgust toward the most offensive parking jobs, and (hopefully) correct their behavior.

Thinking of a funny parking note to write on the back of a crumpled Walmart receipt takes time - something that asshole in the Escalade has already robbed from you enough. Grab a magnet that suits the offense, slap it on their door, and get on with your life, knowing that you've exposed your local idiot.

We're all in this together - DO YOUR PARK.

Vehicular shaming in action

Have a hard time being witty while you’re fuming over a hatchet-job of a parking attempt? Ditch the old fake parking tickets and leave the creativity to our big, bold magnets, each pack stuffed with a variety of insults ranging from clever quips to tasteless humiliation.  With luck, the magnet will be recycled by it's new owner, spreading the power of shame as it goes.

Do Your Park cards for bad parkers
Wheel of fortune funny bad parking card
Pack of bad parking cards
Leaving a bad parking note on car door panel
Note: While these bad parking magnets may not be the most mature way to deal with terrible parkers, we find them to be the most effective and satisfying. Use at your own risk.

How to use our magnetic bad parking notes:

Step1: Identify the bad parking job that deserves reprimanding

Step 1:
Identify bad parking job worthy of public shame.

Step 2: Choose an appropriate Do Your Park magnet and place on door panel of the offender

Step 2:
Choose an appropriate Do Your Park magnet and place on door panel of the offender.

Step 3: Walk away briskly, with a smug satisfaction.

Step 3:
Walk away briskly, with smug satisfaction. You've just shamed a failed parking job!


Cutting-edge parking card technology

Still scrolling, huh? You're a tough nut to crack. Here's what our magnets are made of: funny parking notes diagram

Park better. Pass it on. Do Your Park.

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