Do Your Park Magnets

Do Your Park Magnets

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Do Your Park Magnets
Each pack contains 10 delightfully-distasteful magnets, each with a different phrase and matching illustration.

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Something as simple as a sloppy parking job can cause a ripple effect, and if we're not careful, the whole f**king system could come crashing down at any moment.

That's why we've developed Do Your Park magnets, to be used as an expression of disgust toward the most offensive parking jobs. They're big, bold magnets with a variety of jeering insults and matching illustrations - ranging from clever quips to tasteless humiliation.  

We're all in this together - DO YOUR PARK.


Note: While these magnets may not be the most mature way to deal with bad parkers, we find them to be the most effective and satisfying. Use at your own risk.


Park better. Pass it on. Do Your Park.